Exploring the Different Methods of Cannabis Consumption: Finding the Right Fit for Your Needs


Cannabis has gained significant popularity in recent years for its various therapeutic and recreational benefits. With the increasing availability of cannabis products, it's important to understand the different methods of consumption to find the right fit for your needs. In this blog post, we'll explore the various methods of cannabis consumption, discuss their pros and cons, and guide you in choosing the right method. Whether you're in Bellflower, CA or anywhere else, The Medicine Woman is here to help you make an informed decision.

Inhalation Methods

  • Inhalation is one of the most common methods of cannabis consumption. It offers rapid onset and precise dosage control. The two primary inhalation methods are:
  • Smoking: Smoking involves the combustion of cannabis flowers, usually in a joint, pipe, or bong. It delivers immediate effects but can have potential risks associated with inhaling combustion byproducts.
  • Vaporization: Vaporization heats the cannabis flower or concentrate to a temperature that releases the active compounds as a vapor without combustion. This method provides a smoother experience and reduces the potential harm associated with smoking.

Oral Consumption Methods

  • Oral consumption involves ingesting cannabis orally, which provides a longer-lasting and more gradual effect. Here are some common oral consumption methods:
  • Edibles: Edibles are food products infused with cannabis extract. They offer a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis. However, it's important to be mindful of the delayed onset time and start with a low dose to avoid overconsumption.
  • Tinctures: Cannabis tinctures are liquid extracts that are taken orally or sublingually (under the tongue). They provide a precise dosage and quick onset when taken sublingually. Tinctures can be easily added to food and beverages, making them versatile for consumption.

Topical Applications

  • Topical cannabis products are applied directly to the skin and provide localized relief without producing psychoactive effects. Common topical applications include:
  • Lotions and Balms: Cannabis-infused lotions and balms are designed to be applied directly to the skin to alleviate pain, inflammation, and skin conditions. They offer targeted relief and are suitable for those who prefer non-psychoactive options.

Sublingual Methods

  • Sublingual consumption involves placing cannabis products under the tongue, allowing for rapid absorption through the sublingual glands. The two primary sublingual methods are:
  • Sublingual Sprays: Cannabis sublingual sprays are discreet and provide precise dosing. They are sprayed under the tongue, and the effects are felt relatively quickly.
  • Sublingual Strips: Sublingual strips are thin, dissolvable films infused with cannabis extracts. They are placed under the tongue, where they dissolve and deliver the cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

Choosing the Right Method for You

Finding the right method of cannabis consumption depends on various factors such as your desired effects, preferred onset time, dosage control, and personal preferences. Consider the following when making your decision:

  • Desired Effects: Determine whether you seek immediate relief, long-lasting effects, or targeted localized relief.
  • Onset Time: Evaluate how quickly you want the effects to kick in. Inhalation methods generally offer rapid onset, while oral consumption methods may have a delayed onset.
  • Dosage Control: Consider whether you prefer precise dosage control or a more gradual and intuitive dosing experience.
  • Personal Preferences: Reflect on your personal preferences, such as the act of smoking, taste preferences, or any sensitivities to certain consumption methods.


Exploring the different methods of cannabis consumption is crucial to finding the right fit for your needs. Whether you're in Bellflower, CA or beyond, The Medicine Woman

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