Ice T and The Medicine Woman Owner, Charis Burrett, are bringing The Medicine Woman to Jersey City

We are proud to announce that The Medicine Woman will be opening a second location in Jersey City later this year. Ice-T and his business partner Charis Burrett have the green light to move forward with plans to open a 5,000 square foot Medicine Woman cannabis dispensary in Jersey City, which is just a few miles from downtown New York City. 

The Medicine Woman will continue to focus on our community based values providing job opportunities for local residents, as well as affordable cannabis for both medical and recreational use.

Charis Burrett said in an interview with High Times that, “Our mindset is to bring global medicine to local areas at an affordable price for everybody,” says Burrett. “We believe that cannabis should be available to everybody that needs it. You know, it is a beautiful medicine. It’s been around for centuries. And we love being able to educate people and communities, have healthy debates and like I said, bring global medicine to local communities at affordable prices.”

Ice T was born in Newark and grew up in Summit, but found fame as a rapper on the West Coast. Ice eventually came back east to film episodes of Law & Order. Now he plans to use his pot platform to pave a way for minorities to enter the fast-growing industry.

“I’ve dedicated my life and career to giving back and paving the way for minorities… As a New Jersey native, I’m excited for the opportunity legalization offers our community and I look forward to ushering in a new era for cannabis in the state… “I’m Black, I’m a veteran, my whole career has been about helping people. Nobody starts a business thinking about social impact… But it’s lucrative enough that you should want to help the community." 
- Ice-T, Press release

The Medicine Woman Jersey City is set to open in the fall of 2022 and our team is currently accepting applications for employment for a variety of positions. To apply, send your resume to HR@themedwoman.com, we are committed to sourcing a local workforce with a focus on providing opportunities for former cannabis offenders. 

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